Wave Energy Project

FO WEC group 3

Since the initiation in 2004, Fred. Olsen has run an effort to develop technology that produces electrical power from ocean waves.

Today, engineering and operations are run from the Oslo office, while commercial efforts are based in the Fred. Olsen UK branch.

Our current operational effort is operation with BOLT Lifesaver wave energy converter at the US Navy Wave Energy Test Site outside Marine Corps Base Hawaii, US.

The commercial focus is on development of an autonomous application for a remotely located consumer in the 100W to 100kW regime. 

History of Fred. Olsen Wave Energy Project

Below is a table outlining the various wave energy converters built and operated by the project since 2004.

Year of completion Name PTO Restoration concept Weight Avg. elec. power@ nominal wave state Deployment
2012 BOLT LIFESAVER Winch, gear box, electric generator Capacitor storage, generator used as motor to wind winch back in 56 tones 30kW (3PTOs) 50kw (5PTOs) 2016- (ongoing) 2012-2014 (Fabtest, UK)
2009 BOLT1 Winch, gear box, electric generator Hydraulic accumulator "spring" winds winch back in 5 tones 5kW 2009-2011 (Risør, Norway)
2008 BOLT22 Winch, gear box, electric generator Dead weight winds winch back in 2 tones 1.2kW 2008 (Risør, Norway)
2007 BOLT33 Winch, gear box, electric generator Dead weight winds winch back in 500kg 200W 2007 (Risør, Norway)
2004 BULDRA Pantoons on hydraulic pistons Hydraulic accumulators pushes pistons back out 50 tones 0.9kW 2004-2006 (Jomfruland, Norway)