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Plans for redeployment at WETS


There are plans for redeployment of BOLT Lifesaver at the WETS site. Tasking and objectives will be published soon. Read more >>

First demo completed


BOLT Lifesaver was recovered from the WETS A-moorings and towed to Pearl Harbor where it is now temporarily moored. Read more >>

6 Month of Continuous Power Export


BOLT Lifesaver celebrate six months of continuous power export since repair July 19th. This is superior to most existing renewable energy systems to date and illustrates the reliability of the Fred. Olsen wave energy technology Read more >>

Generator 2 reconnected - production continues on all generators


Divers were able to utilize the break in the weather on Saturday to reconnect generator 2. BOLT Lifesaver is now operating on all three generators, continuing 82 days of uninterrupted power export. Read more >>

PTO3 coolant pump fault fixed - production continues uninterrupted


Operators were able to identify coolant pump fault on PTO3 on a repair and maintenance operation today. Read more >>

PTO3 coolant pump fault - production continues uninterrupted


Coolant pump on PTO3 failed today@13:38:58, causing motor drive to trip on temperature level. Indications are fuse triggered. Prime suspect is pump house gasket failure, causing flooding of motor and short circuit. New pump assembly ordered for replacement on next opportunity to get PTO3 back in operaiton. Production on PTO1 continues uninterrupted. Read more >>

PTO2 winch line failure - production continues uninterrupted


Winch line on PTO2 failed today@18:16:18. Video recording inspection shows the line sustained damage when she stared drifting following a failure in the hawser line between the hull and the WETS mooring surface buoy. Winch line will be replaced upon next dive operation. Production on PTO1 and PTO3 continues uninterrupted. Read more >>

All PTOs connected


Following another dive operation, all PTO winch lines are now connected and producing. Power capacity settings are kept at 30% as per operational plan. Read more >>

PTO2 reconnected


Divers were able to find a break in the weather to reconnect one PTO winch. Production reinitiated on PTO2 after two months of pause. Read more >>

BOLT Lifesaver installed


Installation completed today @18:00. Operations team in Norway ran system commissioning over internet link and initiated operation on all PTOs @01:53. Read more >>